Bedford Counseling Associates (BCA) offers private, individualized, short-term counseling services to people from throughout northern New England.  We offer an experienced, highly qualified staff of more than 30 full and part-time mental health professionals who offer a wide range of specialty services to help people of all ages (children, teens, adults & seniors) successfully address issues such as:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Panic disorder
• Anger management
• Dealing with trauma/abuse (PTSD)
• Stress management
• Grief/loss
• Life transitions
• Child/adolescent behavior issues
• School/peer problems
• Attention problems/hyperactivity
• Family/step-family communication issues
• Relationship/marital problems
• Adjustment to life changes
• Substance misuse

Our focus is on the timely resolution of problems and the acquisition of new coping skills.  When there is a need to reduce symptoms to increase comfort and enhance the effectiveness of counseling services, our medical staff can prescribe appropriate psychiatric medications and monitor their use.  We also now offer Medication Assisted Recovery Services (MAR) in treating substance use disorders.

We can also provide efficient access to other services that may be needed through our association with The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester.