Bedford Counseling Associates (BCA) was founded in 1985 as an affiliated group practice of The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester to provide a full range of counseling and psychiatric services to people from all over New Hampshire.  BCA was established to serve children, teens, adults and seniors with personal and/or emotional problems that clearly impact their quality of life but are not yet serious enough to qualify them for the state-sponsored services of The Mental Health Center.

In May 2016, Bedford Counseling Associates moved to 2 Wall Street, which provides a very accommodating space for the growing practice. Prior to that move, BCA operated from 1228 Elm Street in Manchester from Fiscal 2000 to 2016. The practice initially opened in Bedford and the office was located in Bedford Commons.

BCA offers high quality, evidence-based services utilizing an early intervention model that tends to produce the best outcomes for most people.



Commitment to the Community

Bedford Counseling Associates has been serving the mental health needs of New Hampshire residents for more than 30 years. We have developed a tenured and reputable image in the community, and our practice is well known throughout the medical field. We boast a large well-trained professional staff, and offer flexible office hours which include evenings and weekends. Our practice caters to all age groups from pre-school age to seniors. In addition, we work with couples, groups and families as well. Our medical staff is available to prescribe and monitor medications should the need arise. Because of our affiliation with The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester, we can easily transition clients to other programs or services within our network.